We dedicate this page to the memories of our beloved fellow classmates who sadly have gone before us.


Those we love don't go away...

they walk beside us everyday.

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

still loved, missed and very dear.


We apologize if we have missed listing any fellow classmates on this memorial page.

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regarding any classmate who should be memorialized here.





Carlos  Amezcua

Ron Amore

Jane Arena

Anthony Athans

Dave Baker

Michael Chavarria

Ron Cirigliano

Dave Clark

Matt Costigan

Anthony Dunleavy

Sam Federico

John Field

James Galata

Cam Greig

Patrick Halloran

Jose Hernandez

John Hurley

Skip Hutton 

Richard Johns






Rochelle Land

Don Lanzoratto

Greg Lewis

Ernesto Martinez

Terry Miller

Karen Olich

Joan Petrilak

Donna Phillips

James Piche

Jim Powell

Daniel Price

Wanda Raich

Yolanda Ramirez 

Nick Richardson

Pam Shafer

Scott Skillicorn

Marianne Smith

Steve Tarquino

Denice Tasista-Washburn

David Warner